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  • Venumadhuri's Natural Dhoop Sticks/वेणुमाधुरी नैसर्गिक धूप स्टिकस

Venumadhuri's Natural Dhoop Sticks वेणुमाधुरी नैसर्गिक धूप स्टिकस

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                                     Venu Madhuri Dhoop Sticks

        By using this dhoop you are sharing your concern for the environment,

cow protection,your health and for rural livelihood. This Dhoop is

made from cow dung with pure cow ghee & aromatic herbs.

Traditional Indian life is intimately associated with cow dung which is

put to multiple uses and is accepted as purifying, antiseptic & excellent

mosquito's repellent. Research on cow dung by Dr. L. M. Gosal

concluded that cow dung contains all antiseptic properties. Vedas

declare that "Gomaye Vasate Laksmi."  goddess of fortune resides in

cow dung.

       Cow ghee when poured on burning cow dung cakes, produces

phenomenal amount of beneficial gases as ethylene, propylene oxides

that can fight pollution effectively.

         The ancient source of Knowledge of incense is in the Atharva and Rig-vedas.

Venu Madhuri Dhoop being to you the ancient, traditional wisdom of dhoop 

making with the benefits of cow dung.

         Being made from all natural ingredients, the dhoop is totally chemical &

charcoal free. Thus the dhoop is termed as natural, mildly fragrant,

antiseptic, air purifying and auspicious. 

 Note : Scientist of China (SCIT) has concluded that,smoke of 

            agarbatti is more harmful than cigarate.

             So, Instead of agarbatti Prefer of dhoop for pooja / Daily use. 

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